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Welcome to the Bock Saga OFFICIAL WEBSITE


R.W. Ekman, Väinämöisen soitto, 1856/59 - 1866




The principal idea behind this 'OFFICIAL' website is to give all interested people a website they can trust to be honest and accurate according to the Saga and to create a kind of hub where anyone who has been recording Ior, with either audio or video devices , can make a copy and send it to us so that in time we can collect all recordings of Ior's velvet voice. So please if you have any old recordings while visiting Ior feel free to get in contact and help our website grow.

Press release

The controversial Bock Saga has finally been published in book form after being kept under wraps for a thousand years by the Bock family…

Eccentric Finnish tour guide and historian Ior Bock caused quite a stir in Scandinavia in the late 20th century when he started to relate his extraordinary “family story” which challenges mainstream beliefs about the origin, history and societal structure of mankind.

In The Bock Saga: An Introduction storytellers Michel Merle, Kevin Woods and author Carl Borgen took upon themselves the mammoth task of penning down this ancient “Saga time capsule”. Having been one of the first persons with whom Ior chose to share the revelations of the Bock Saga in 1984 - coupled with years of extensive research - they emerge as an authentic voice on the subject.

The 264-page book chronicles the Bock Saga in its entirety, delving into the ancient origins of man on earth and that of the Nordic culture that, according to the Saga, preceded that of Babylon and Mesopotamia. Its creation theory postulates that the first two humans – Frei and Freia – lived in Odenma which was situated around the exact North Pole in what is today Finland.

The Bock Saga: An Introduction sets about describing this pre-historical period (often referred to as the “Paradise Time” in many religions) in encyclopedic detail and then continues up to our modern day.

The Bock Saga itself thus offers us a comprehensive view of world history – albeit one that sheds a very different light on established cultural beliefs and facts. Told in a matter-of-fact style, however, it does not promote any specific religious or philosophical beliefs. But yes, the role of the gods throughout the ages are explained in a rather unexpected, but logical way…


WARNING: The rare knowledge contained in the Saga might change the way you view our shared past, present and future. Prepare yourself for many “Aha!” moments as the strange world we live in suddenly makes a bit more sense.




Ior was the last member of his once great family and the first who was allowed to reveal the mysteries of the Saga to the outside world. Ever since the day he started this enormous task in 1984, there have been many discussions about its veracity. I have no opinion on this.

I can only observe that a strong inner logic runs through the story like a golden thread and that it respects the laws of nature – of which there is one exception.

Many of the claims made by the Saga have been dismissed by academics and scientists as pure fiction. However, following the archeological revolution of the last 30 years - with the availability of sub-earth radar, new techniques to test ancient DNA and so on - many of these claims turned out to be true.

One of the unresolved claims is that of the pre-Ice Age Lemminkäinen Temple near Helsinki and its subterranean treasure chambers that was closed in the year 987AD. Every effort was made to open it from 1987 until the 1990s by Ior Bock and his friends, but to no avail. The sheer amount of granite rock that had to be moved to access the entrance of the temple, proved to be too vast and costly - even with the use modern equipment.

But who knows? Maybe this book will inspire a new generation of archeologists to literally explore this matter further.

The key to unlocking the Saga is that of the first language spoken by mankind, which is characterised by every sound having a specific meaning. The combination of meaningful sounds form the matrix of the Saga which can be compared to numbers and formulas serving as the building blocks of mathematics and physics.

This matrix ensured that the Bock Saga was transferred orally in its purest form from generation to generation. To make an analogy with physics: E=MC² will always be that, no matter how many generations come to pass.

The Saga’s “sound code” creates its internal logic which explains why most of the information to date has been in the form of audio tapes.

After Ior’s tragic murder in 2010, it took a while for the dust to settle down. Over the last three years, I committed myself - along with storytellers Michel Merle and Kevin Woods - to organising and compiling Ior’s stories into what has become this book today.

The Bock Saga should not be seen as the sole property of its followers and academics. In its essence, it makes for an interesting read to anyone open to exploring completely new thoughts and insights into our shared humanity

and it might even be true…

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