Jim Chesnar and Kevin Woods at Lemminkäinen tempel excavations in 1987.

Ior's parents house in Gumbostrand 1988.

Carl Gustav Boxström and Eva Josefa Sjölund.

Carl Gustav was the last to hold the title of Jul Gubbe or Santa Claus

Bal bock offering from himself to himself.

Ior taking a peek through the window of Einar Öman's house.

Ior sitting in his Aunt Rachel's apartment in Helsinki, pre 1999.

Young Ior with his matros hat.

Ior in London

Ior at the Lemminkäinen tempel.

Ior holding picture of Nyslott / Savonlinna in Finland.

Nyslott / Savonlinna

Norwegian  Pål

Lemminkäinen Tempel entrance.


Einar Öman's mansard cottage.

Kevin Woods and Soma Takkar from Goa asking Staffan Söderlund permission to use a metal detecting machine on the 'Offerlund' to look for the two Golden bocks, 1987

Ior with Jim and Shailesh in Goa season 1999/2000 after he became paralysed.

Ior in his acting days.

Ior sitting in front of Ekman's 5 meter tall painting of Väinömöisen Soitto.


Raseborg Slott

Moon Queen Bal Maja, painting by R.W. Ekman


Ior in Dragonvägen

Looking into the excavation of Lemminkäinen Temple

Nyslott / Savonlinna



More than 1000 year old statuette of Gubbe





Mån Bocken Balder riding Spolingclubban

Gulbleck showing Gubbe and Gumma. The size of a finger nail.

Gulbleck showing Mother maturbating with daughter.

Aerial view of kajaani castle.

18th century sketch of how kajaaani castle looked before it was destroyed.

3 statuettes of Gumman Ela, all with same hair style.

More than 1000 years old,  Mån Drottning Bal Maj.

More than 1000 year old statuette of Bal Gumman Ela.

More than 1000 years old statuette of Bal Gubben Pär offering from himself to himself.

Ior exiting the excavation of the Lemminkäinen Tempel.

Lancier collage

Cannonier collage

Clubbier collage

More than 1000 y/o amber miniatures. Self explanatory


Delfin stav.

Bal Bock (left), Midgårdsormen crowned by Laxormen. More than 1000 y/o


3 x Midgårds helmets

Detail from helmets nose shield the man in the moon.

How to fall a bear for its skin when you become 21.

Tor on his carriage.

Gotland rune stone. Big story inside.

How to make a labyrinth

Scandinavian Jule tide decorations of straw bocks

Lake Lemminkäinen.

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