After years of extensive research we are proud to present the book: "THE BOCK SAGA.

an introduction"

The Bock Saga is the story of mankind as passed down through the generations of the Bock family, whom, according to Ior Bock, was the keeper of an ancient oral tradition that sheds light on the time period from the beginning of prehistory -- also called "Paradiset" -- to the present time.

It begins with the first two people dwelling on this earth and ends with the untimely and tragic death of Ior Bock in 2010. It covers a huge time span and an enormous number of events have taken place since then. The Bock Saga narrates this all in great detail. It is, in short, an enormous story…

The 24 of February 1984 dawned like any other morning on the glistening shores of India’s smallest state of Goa. As had become the custom, a few friends gathered on the porch of Ior Bock’s house to soak up the good company.

But on this particular morning, Ior stroked his bushy moustache and cleared his throat, announcing that he had a story to tell concerning “The Alphabet”. His friends couldn’t help but feel ever so slightly surprised. The last thing they expected from someone considered more or less illiterate and whose main interest was 18th-century Nordic history, was to dwell on such a subject.

But what would follow was the fascinating story of his family. This story is called the Bock Saga. It was not long before pots and pans were flying through the air in reaction to what he told his listeners. And this was only the beginning of many strong reactions provoked by the Saga.

In the midst of all the chaos and bizarreness that his words evoked, Ior just quietly continued to tell his story to anyone who took the time to listen. I was there – listening – when the rug of the porch was pulled from under our feet… and the seed for this book was sown.

BOCKIN PERHEEN SAAGA is a book written by Juha Javanainen based on recordings and controlled by Ior in Finnish language. It was published in 1996.