The extraordinary claims within the Bock Saga.


- That, the first boy and girl, Frej and Freja, came from an Ape copulating with a female goat.


_ That, the Bock Saga is coming from Frej and Freja and passed down from generation to generation in the form of an oral tradition.


- That, apart from Frej and Freja, all human beings are born from sperm and egg and all animals from embla and egg.


- That, every boy and girl becoming seven years of age began a daily rite of drinking their own sperm and sap.


- That, men and women were offering and collecting sperm and sap.

- That, in the original procreative system it took, at least,

22 224 people to create one child.


- That, the original military system was a procreative and not a destructive organisation.


- That, the human beings on our planet were one tropical race and spoke one language, (Van language) and had one global information system before ice time.


- That, Root is the name of the first natural language and what all so called 'Germanic languages' of today directly come from.


- That, Root language is an anatomical language.


- That, the Van language, (todays Finnish), was the first language created out of the natural Root and is the root of all other languages.


- That, in the alphabet of the Root language there is a meaning and a mark for every sound.


- That, stories relating to the saga were kept secret within the family from 1248 AD until 1984 AD.


- That, the shapes of the Root alphabet and astrological symbols are NOT created by humans but come from a mathematical system based on one and zero, pole and ring or stave and circle.


- That, the Bock Saga explains all mythological symbols on the planet.


- That, the original old north pole was were Helsinki is today with the Earth's axis perpendicular to the sun.


- That, around this old north pole, (known as 'Hel'), was the first 'ring land' called 'Odenmaa' with a diameter of approximately 250 km.


-That, the Bock Saga offers material proof.


- That, directly under the north pole, during the big bang creation of our planet earth and due to the centrifugal force a huge cone shaped space formed inside the expanding magma.


- That, over eons this big hole was transformed into a storehouse and filled with precious artefacts that were offered up in appreciation to Hel by the people of the earth and is, in fact, a museum of the history of the human being made from gold and precious stones which have ever lasting properties.


- That, inside the cone shaped space should be a golden spiral road descending many kilometres to its bottom, which should be bigger than Odenmaa itself, (250km diameter).


- That, within the wall of this golden spiral road way should be many rooms, each with 3 chambers full of precious artefacts that had been offered to hel during a SOL BOCKEN BALDER'S breeding life time, (about 50 years), and a full size golden statue of him should stand in front of its door.


- That, the entrance to these 'Bock family treasure chambers' is also the 'LEMMINKÄINEN' or 'SOL BOCKEN BALDER'S' Temple, situated about 23 Km east of Helsinki at 'GUMBOSTRAND'.in 'SIBBO'.


- That, two Golden statues of buck Goats, three crystal balls and all the precious interior of Raseborg Castle were buried in Snappertuna about 70 km west of Hel in the year 1050 AD.


- That, a third golden statue of a buck goat plus the regalia of the King and Queen of Finland were taken north to Kajaani and buried in the year 1248 AD in the centre of the court yard of Kajaani castle.


- That, 50 million and ten thousand years before 1984 AD the axis of the Earth and the Galaxy shifted and started the ice age that lasted for 50 million years.


- That, this 50 million year period was known as; Alt-land-is, (all land ice), during which time the people living in Odenmaa became trapped inside a hole in the ice with walls that were kilometres high and kept ice free because of the Gulf stream originating in the Gulf of Mexico.


- That, during this Alt-land-is period came into creation arctic plants, animals and agricultural systems including domestic animals.


- That, during this 50 million year period those people living in the ice-free tropical parts of our planet divided into ten races with ten mythologies and languages.


- That, from the direct descendants of this first family came all the different tropical King houses and procreative systems.


- That, after the 50 million year Alt-land-tis period the inhabitants of Odenmaa emerged from the hole in the ice as a blue green eyed pale skinned arctic race.


- That, all our arctic Kings descended from this new pale skinned race emerging from Odenmaa.


- That, the people in Finland lived according to this old pagan system up to the time of the nordic Catholic crusades of 1050 AD after which this old Bock Saga was first allowed to be told outside the family by its last member, Ior Bock.


- That ,after ice time members of the Bock family went out from Odenmaa to create different procreative systems on our planet, including, Sven and Dan, Pharaoh, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, and the parents of Jesus.

- That, Santa comes from Finland and before ice time was the 'alfather' to all the people on the planet.

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